While touring in the Caribbean, we created a video for the first track from my forthcoming album, “End Of Part II”. It’s available on YouTube . . .

New Music: Hot on the heels of the BBC-playlisted ‘Rob Is In Lockdown’ (audio above), is a new track written for Worthing Football Club (The Rebels). ‘We Are The Rebels’ is a football focussed anthem that will be released on 26 June 2020. Originally written for Worthing FC to help raise much needed funds after being financially affected by the pandemic affected season.

Lockdown Music: On 5 June 2020 ‘Rob Is In Lockdown’ was released through AWAL into all digital outlets.

So who is Rob? . . . While walking my dog one ‘lockdown’ evening. After a thought that it would have been great to be creative in the ‘pig pen’ (studio) at Ford Lane with co-musicians, I daydreamed that Rob (Rob Quickenden – owner of Ford Lane Studios) would be driving to and from the studio, bunking down and writing tunes. Then Rob hits his stride and creates a catchy song that could be a social media hit. Only trouble is, he can’t release it because he’s broken the rules driving to and from the studios when we’ve been told to Stay Home! Anyway, enjoy it. It’s tongue in cheek. Rob isn’t a nobody, he’s a regular guy. In fact he’s a cracking fella. Catch the video here:

Namaqua: After some 16 years writing and playing guitar with Namaqua, the band recorded their debut album Rock And Roll. A successful distribution through iTunes and international airplay called for a follow up, Hot Rocks, which was released in Autumn 2014. 

Due to other touring commitments a third Namaqua album is still on the slate. At the same time I have recorded a new solo album, with a more blues feel, a departure from old. Due for 2024 release.